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If You're Not Playing This Game, You Should Be

By Alex Morrison

If you've been on the App Store recently you might have seen a game called Monument Valley in the featured section. It's one of the hottest new games on iOS, and soon to be, Android.

Similar to games like Journey, in Monument Valley players take control of Ida, a princess living in a whimsical fantasy world. The plot is thin but we can sense that something is wrong.

The game plays like an Escher puzzle (click here to see what I mean), using tricks of perspective. The goal of each of the ten levels is to get Ida from the start to the finish. Players can rotate the levels around, and will ultimately need to in order to complete most levels.

The graphics are top notch. Well-accented colours and fantastical designs make the world beautiful and contrasting. It's a must play game for gamers who enjoy simple, yet challenging puzzle games.

Check out the game trailer below. Download the game on iOS today.