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An App That Makes Meeting People A Breeze

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By Alex Morrison

Refresh is an app that lets you take advantage of your social media connections. It pulls together as much relevant information as it can on a person and delivers a sort of 'cheat sheet', filled with useful details that helps spark conversation.

The app is deeply integrated, allowing you to connect the more notable social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram), as well as more discreet ones such as Evernote, and even Angellist. You are also able to connect many different calendars, such as iCloud, Google, Exchange and Yahoo.

When you search a person's name, the app surfaces some pretty useful information. For example, if I pull up a friend's page, the app shows me their interests, what they specialize in, previous places they have lived, if they speak any other languages, friends in common, any previous correspondence and a whole host of details that help paint a digital picture. Essentially, it doesn't just show you information, it connects information across your social accounts to give you a more complex understanding of a person.

It's a darn useful app for anyone about to head into a meeting and who wants to break the ice. It can prove useful in daily life as well. Dates, anyone?