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FIFA 14 Top Goals of the Week

By Alex Morrison

For those of us who play FIFA, the World Cup is always an ambivalent time in the minds of us gamers. On the one hand we get the world's most watched sports event air on television, with a chance of national glory on the world stage. But unfortunately, similar to big box office movies, a pitiful gaming adaptation is seemingly required to follow, and unless you go internet blind for a few weeks, you will undoubtedly have it pushed, sorry, advertised in your face.

And because we've got your back, we just wanted to remind you not to go and waste £40. Let's not forget, you can already play as any country you want in FIFA 14. So instead, enjoy FIFA 14's top goals this week in the video below.

This message is sponsored by the Association of Gamers Who Despise FIFA World Cup Edition Games.