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This Email Service Let's You Delete Sent Emails, And Much More

It's Thursday night and nearly the weekend. You're plonked on the couch checking emails, as one does, sipping a fine red from the local Sainsbury's. It's never smart to mix alcohol and work emailing, but hey, it's been a long week and you deserve it. Feeling a little edgier than normal you fire off a few emails. But a few moments pass and you realize that what you sent was bordering on the line of professionalism. So unlike you.

That's where Pluto Mail comes in.

Pluto Mail is a free email service that let's users unsend and edit emails that have already been sent (so long as they haven't been opened). Users can set timers for emails to auto-expire and can also find out when an email has been read. On top of this, Pluto Mail is an email service and doesn't require you to switch clients.

Pluto Mail is still in beta but users can sign up for their waitlist, which is relatively small right now.