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Top 20 Coolest Dragon Ball Z Characters, Hands Down

By Alex Morrison

The criteria for this were as follows:

1. Abilities

2. Their character and personality

3. Distinguishing moments

Hope you enjoy the list...

1. Vegeta: No explanation needed.

2. Cell: His story arc was epic. Full stop.

3. Future Trunks: He earned this rank with one slice.

4. Goku: His screaming is the loudest. 

5. Gohan: Turning SS2 against Cell. Electric.

6. Frieza: The most evil drag queen to ever have lived.

7. Piccolo: He's green, mean and shoots a special beam cannon.

8. Broly: He's confused and angry, but that's ok.

9. Master Roshi: He rivals Herbert in Family Guy for perviness but he did invent the Kamehameha.

10. Android 16: His death resulted in Gohan's transformation against Cell. (And he's a big softie).

11. Majin Buu: Is being fun and lovable cool? Yes, yes it is.

12. Bulma: She's married to Vegeta. Props for that.

13. Goten: Everyone makes a big deal about turning SS. He does it at age 7.

14. Captain Ginyu: He had a squad named after him and is apparently a yoga master. 

15. Chi-Chi: She's a pretty cool mum. Who else would let their son save the world? (Queue freak out). 

16. Mr. Satan: For a regular guy, he really sticks his neck out. (And look at that mug).

17. Raditz: So he's out of the SS club but he's still a badass. 

18. Kid Trunks: What's with these kids. SS aged 8.

19. King Kai: He has a voice similar to Droopy and he's the North King.

20. Zarbon: A charming man, or, uh, toad. His transformation is hideous, but oh so cool. 

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