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This iWatch Concept Is The Most Realistic Yet

By Alex Morrison

Every year Apple comes out with new kit, and every year some doofus, although noble for trying, puts out a concept design that's just a mashup of existing technology. Take the picture below for example. No original thought. 

So, when I came across a new concept that seemed to really take into account Apple's foundational design elements I was pleasantly surprised. The concept video was made by Mark Bell for ConceptsiPhone and features a rounded display running a full version of iOS. Although reports say that Apple will use a flexible display, what I think will lead to a more rectangular shape, I would really like to see a more rounded design. With the recent Moto 360, and rumors of a curved design for the iPhone 6, maybe we will see Apple move away from hard edges.

My only drawback: could you see yourself using this for sports? Let us know in the comments!