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3 Apps To Get You Through The Tube Strikes

By Alex Morrison

1. Jump! Chump!

Here's a simple but addicting game you may or may not get arthritis from. Jump! Chump! has players control Jump and Chump, two little squares that lie either side of a horizontal line. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as you can while pressing either above or below the line to make Jump and Chump hop over waves of incoming 'evil' squares.

Although it may look surprisingly easy, incoming squares come at you from different sides depending on which side of the line you are. After a couple of tries I was able to last about 50 seconds. Think you can do better? Download the game on iOS and tweet me your high score. That is, if you dare. 

2. Secret

Secret is a social app that just launched in the UK today. The app's main feature is to let users share content anonymously. Think of it as a more intense, and slightly darker version of Facebook updates. On the app, people naturally reveal more intimate details of their lives, or even insider news from large companies. The app also lets users comment on posts. Small icons are assigned to each user so that people know which comments are coming from the same person. 

If you're bored and stuck waiting around, this app has a lot of juicy posts to sink your teeth into. 

3. Hitman GO

This game isn't so much a pick-up-and-play per se, but an easy one to get into nonetheless. Like it's console counterpart, the game features Agent 47 trying to assassinate targets. But this time, the game is played out on a kind of chess board. Players can move 47 around the board, but with each move, the target (and henchmen) also move, turning play style into a strategic cat-and-mouse game.

The game is challenging enough and the level designs are stunning. Pick it up on iOS today for £2.99.