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5 Ways To Improve Flappy Bird

With recent news circulating about the return of Flappy Bird this August, I thought I would put together a list of some improvements for the game, besides the already announced multiplayer.

Fearing that people were wasting too much time playing Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, the creator, pulled the game from the app store earlier this year. But there's a difference between an addictive game and a fun game, something I hope he will balance out in the next version. 

I wanted to respect the simple nature of the game and be as realistic as possible in determining what improvements can be added. Here we go:


1. Invincibility

Just like in Super Mario and Mario Kart, we could see our feathered friend collect some type of power up that gives him invincibility for a period of time. Invincibility could be implemented in three ways: it lasts for a number of seconds, it lasts for a number of pipes you pass, or it could be used up like a health meter, with each pipe you hit wearing down the amount of invincibility left.

2. Boost 

Similar to some endless runner games, notably Jetpack Joyride, our flying pal could collect a boost pack that allows him to advance a certain distance. Users could advance 10-20 pipes, a number I think would be reasonable.  

3. Replay button at the bottom of Game Over screen.

photo 1-27.png

This one isn't exactly an improvement on the gameplay, just advice from a gamer's perspective. For those of us wanting to have a proper Flappy Bird session (anything over 30 minutes), it would be a great time saver to have the replay button where it currently says 'OK'. But I guess if Nguyen is trying to make the game "less addictive", this most likely this won't happen.

4. Different sized pipe openings.

As you can see from the picture above, Flappy Bird knock offs have already tried adding this feature. It's a good idea that adds some dynamic to an otherwise very plain game. Perhaps by passing these smaller pipe spaces, users can earn either bonus points or power ups. The only problem would be that some users may find it too hard. After all, the game was already programmed to be easier upon initial launch after users complained about its difficulty. That's where the next point comes in.

5. Different difficulty settings.

YOU might be an expert, but trust me, I've seen people continuously fail after just three pipes. It allows everyone from any gaming background to take up the game and actually have fun playing it. 

Do you want to see these types of improvements? Like for yes, comment for no and why!