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5 Things The iWatch Has To Get Right

IMAGE: Belm Designs

IMAGE: Belm Designs

Before even being announced, the iWatch is already facing criticism from skeptics. Some believe that the iWatch will fail to bring enough functionality to the table and that there simply won't be a demand for it. If that turns out to be true, Apple will be the laughing stock in the technology realm for quite some time, especially considering the amount of hype surrounding the iWatch. So, as a friendly reminder, here are five things Apple has to get right with the iWatch to see widespread adoption.

1. It has to look good and feel good.

The iWatch isn't going into competition with fitness trackers, it's going up against watches. This means it has to look as stylish as some of the high end watches in the market otherwise people simply won't ditch their analog tickers. I was praying for a rounded design but it looks like we will be getting a rectangular shape. Sad.

Also, if the iWatch is to track your activity, it better be damn comfortable to wear. I'm talking 24/7 use, whether it be the gym, shower or in bed. There are rumors that certain components will need to be built into the strap. That's fine, so long as it doesn't mess with my sleep.

2. It has to have smarter notifications.

Letting me know that I have a new message or call is great, but the iWatch will have to do more than that to win over the masses. After all, it's not that hard to pull out an iPhone from your pocket. I want intelligent alerts that tell me if I'm running late for something, or if I've watched too much TV for the day, or even if I'm staying up too late. I want notifications to be more in tune with how I live my life and to provide me with ways to form better habits. 

3. It has to have an improved Siri.

Considering the size of the screen will be pretty small, I imagine that those with larger fingers with have a tricky time navigating around the OS. This is why Siri MUST get an improvement. It's already ranked lower than Google's Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana, so upgrading Siri isn't just an iWatch issue, it's a company wide issue, and it needs to be addressed. Voice recognition and contextual search is getting better by the day, so if nothing is done to seriously advance Siri's capabilities, Apple will get left behind in a big way. 

4. It has to be more intelligent than fitness trackers. 

Ok, so I'll get to know how many calories I burned, or how far I walked, or how much sleep I got last night, but what does all that data mean? The iWatch needs to be more forward-thinking in how it presents information. I don't just want numbers served up on a platter, I want a detailed analysis that tells me how to improve my health and my overall well-being. I want better tracking of the different activities I do and more quantifying of my daily routine. The iWatch should know when I'm watching TV, eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, when I'm in the gym, or when I'm heading to and from work.

5. It has to do something revolutionary.

Like the iPhone and the iPad did, the iWatch will have to do something revolutionary to really shake up the world and get it to smell the coffee. Whether it's something big like providing a new payment service, or something more discreet like enhancing the way you interact with other Apple products, the iWatch will have to be so useful that you can't go without it.

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