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These Vintage Computer Brochures Are Beautifully Designed

By Alex Morrison


I recently stumbled across a design blog showing vintage computer brochures from the 50's, 60's, and 70's used to advertise computers. 

Nowadays, it's normal for us to associate good design with technology. Apple practically wrote the book on it. But for computer brochures? That's something else. 



In this decade, people thought of computers as tools for solving complex math problems. B2B was the main marketing strategy, focusing on “speed, efficiency, economy, and reliability.” 


By now, the computer was seen as an information processor, being part of a management information system. IBM was very successful during this time, controlling nearly 70% of the computer market.

1970's - early 1980's

In the 1970's, the cost of hardware had dropped significantly and computers were getting a lot smaller. By the end of the decade, IBM's market share had dropped to 40%.

The 1980's brought around the first mass market advertising of computers. Well-known celebrities were used to convince the public that they needed computers in their home. 

I think we all know the last one. What do you think of these brochures? Let us know in the comments!