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Top 5: Video Game Hits That Could be Rebooted Very Soon

5. The Getaway:

Many of you may not remember The Getaway, let alone heard of it but I assure you, when this game came out everyone was asking for a sequel. The game originally came out in 2002 and was met with critical acclaim despite being released a month after GTA: Vice City. It was set in modern London with extreme attention to detail. It was gritty and realistic, using fully licensed cars and shops to provide a sense of realism previously unseen in the genre (that’s right, no more Sanchez dirt bikes or Banshee sports cars). There was also no HUD option, so players received a very cinematic experience. By the sounds of things this game was definitely primed for a sequel, and that’s exactly what happened a couple of years later.

The Getaway: Black Monday was released late 2004 to a less than pleased audience. It seemed as though the developers thought that by releasing the same game, just with a new story line, people would still enjoy it. Boy, were they wrong. On top of not changing any sort of game mechanics, especially the driving, the sequel was released a month after GTA: San Andreas, the best selling PS2 game of all time. I still can’t believe I’m reporting these facts. Who releases a game not once, but twice, after the biggest game franchise in that genre? If anything needed improving, it was their marketing department. 

Since then there have been hints of its return. At E3 2005, there was a demo called Piccadilly Circus that showcased the technology behind what would be The Getaway 3. Then it was heard in 2008 that the game had been cancelled. In late 2009 there were rumors that the game had instead been put on hold, raising spirits slightly, but then in 2012 someone asked Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, if the game was still in development to which he replied ‘no’. So it’s kind of all up in the air at the moment. Certainly, the game could do extremely well on both current and next-gen consoles, similar to other successful titles in the genre like Saints Row. Fingers crossed for a re-release of The Getaway

4. Ico/Shadow of the Colossus:

Since the releases of Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005), there has been a lot of speculation and rumors as to when Fumito Ueda will come out with the final piece of the trilogy, if you can call three entirely unrelated games a trilogy. Following the original announcement in 2009, Ueda has since left Sony but agreed to stay on as a freelancer to see the game through. Ok, so I may be cheating slightly with this one. I recently discovered that a game is definitely getting released some time this year. Titled The Last Guardian, Sony has yet to announce whether it will be on PS4 or if it will remain solely on PS3. People are almost sure it will be released on next-gen but rumors simply haven’t been made official yet. 

Having watched the E3 trailers it would only make sense to release the game on a next-gen console. Similar to its predecessors The Last Guardian features a beautiful world, where if played with more detailed graphics, would certainly heighten the immersive quality of the game. The plot involves a young boy who we find imprisoned in an ancient castle. Luckily for him he meets another prisoner, Trico, a giant bird-like cat or cat-like bird (which ever way suits you best) who works with him to escape. If it’s anything like the last two games, we can expect a very deep and emotional story line. Team Ico, the developers behind the game, have consistently been able to convey a range of rich emotions through very little dialogue, always leaving the player in an introspective and thought-provoking state.

Many people have been waiting for this release, and hopefully, 2014 will be the year we all get to stop dreaming.   

3. Crash Bandicoot:

For many, this game is one of nostalgia. If you ever owned a PS1 you most likely owned this game. And if you didn’t, then you spent every waking moment at your nearest friend’s house watching them play. Developed by Naughty Dog, the first three games in the series were some of the best platformers ever made, with a lot of replay value. But as the PS1-era began to end, the series was sold off to Activision who did somewhat of a subpar job with the sequels that followed. Ever since the last console-released game in 2008, Crash: Mind over Mutant, players have been desperate for an epic return from their furry friend.

There were rumours late last year that Crash might be heading back to Sony. In a PS4 television commercial, viewers noticed a series of signs in the background that seemed to show a silhouette of Crash with an arrow pointing to a sign that looks eerily similar to Sony’s. Furthermore, at the time, Activision had taken down the Crash Bandicoot section on their website, hinting at Crash's definite return to Sony. So did the Japanese game giant confirm the rumours? Yes. And it’s not heading back to the motherland. 

Instead, Activision has said they are exploring ways to “bring the beloved series back to life”. Certainly after the rumour-filled episode, it is obvious Crash still has a huge following. Hopefully Activision pays attention and fast-tracks Crash to an epic console return. 

2. Road Rash:

This game dominated the 90s, releasing eight games throughout the decade on three different devices. Originating on the Mega Drive, Road Rash was released in 1991 to a good reception. The game was ranked number eight on the 'Top Mega Drive Games of All Time’ list, and even in 2001, Game Informer still ranked the game as the 88th best game ever made in their 100th issue.

For those who didn’t play the game, Road Rash was an illegal road racing game that required players to finish 4th place or higher in order to move on to the next level. Players could buy faster motorcycles and new parts in order to stay competitive, pay for repairs, and pay for fines if they were arrested by the police. But of course, the most notable feature of the game was the violence. Players could kick and punch one another as well as use weapons that were acquired from other players, such as crowbars and nunchaku.

Although an official reboot is out of the question, a Kickstarter campaign is trying to reboot the franchise under the name Road Redemption. The campaign, which began and finished last year, reached its funding goal of $160,000. DarkSeas Games, the team making it all happen, hopes to release the game on PC later this year, and eventually Xbox Live Arcade. Dan Geisler, co-creator of the original Road Rash, has expressed his excitement and given the DarkSeas team his blessing stating, “I want to play that! Get funded and kick ass!”. Well, they’ve gotten half way there. Now it’s time for the ass-kicking part. 

1. Streets of Rage:

"Who likes beat ‘em up games anymore”…said no one ever. Beat ‘em ups are some of the most entertaining and blood-pumping games to play, and yet slowly we are seeing less and less of them in the market. If you were around in the 90s beat ‘em ups were at their prime, and Streets of Rage was up there with the best of them. 

For those that don’t know, Streets of Rage was a side-scrolling, you guessed it, beat ‘em up that had players fight henchmen who came at you from either side. The goal of the game is to take down the evil Mr. X, the head of a crime syndicate, but as an alternate ending, players could also become the new boss in town. The game was well received, following up the original with another two games, Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3

Unfortunately, from the looks of things, it seems as though Streets of Rage is the least likely in this list to get a reboot. The last news heard was that Ruffian, the developers behind Crackdown 2, were working on a 3D remake of the game. That project has since been cancelled, but due to the effort they put in, there’s chance of a revival (especially if people keep asking for it). If Sega can somehow hop off the Sonic bandwagon and look around to see what fans are craving for, then maybe, just maybe we will see a Streets of Rage hit consoles. But if it doesn’t happen soon, I fear that the game will never see the light of day again. Lets hope that doesn’t happen.