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iPhone 6: A Better Battery Is Coming!

By Alex Morrison

Now, this is just speculation and in no way am I confirming a definite spec upgrade for Apple's battery. But a leaked photo yesterday, courtesy of Nowherelse.fr, shows a slightly modified battery that looks a little bigger than its predecessors. But don't get me wrong, having a bigger battery isn't the whole solution to Apple's juice problems. The other half lies in the software.

The leaked photo revealed by  Nowherelse.fr yesterday

The leaked photo revealed by Nowherelse.fr yesterday

In one of Apple's latest patents, the title reads “Inferring user intent from battery usage level and charging trends”. In English, this means that Apple is working on software that will better understand when you need power and when you don't. For example, if your current battery consumption is above the daily average, certain hardware and software will know to use less power enabling you to last the period of time until you next charge your phone. Essentially, the iPhone will learn your charging patterns.

From this, Apple says that users could be warned if their phone will last the duration of a movie they are about to play, or if they have enough charge for a flight.

Currently, Apple is among the bottom of the pile when it comes to battery life, so much so, that it is often mocked. With this latest patent, let's hope Apple really powers up their efforts, no pun intended.