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LaMetric Is A Real-Time Smart Display For Your Notifications

Similar to the giant wall-mounted tickers you find in stock exchanges, LaMetric is a customizable smart ticker that lets you display pretty much any information you want, all through your smartphone.

Developed by the UK-based startup Smart Atoms, LaMetric is aimed at both consumers and businesses. The idea is that people may want to display alerts, notifications and other information from their digital lives onto a desktop display (other than your laptop). 

The ticker itself is elegant and clean, with only three buttons on the top to control what is being displayed. The 8-bit styled, blocky LED display adds a retro charm and allows space for one icon and seven digits to be displayed. Of course, the text is scrollable.  

But perhaps the best feature of LaMetric is its accompanying app, which allows you to easily program and connect the ticker to a variety of different services. As well as being able to display weather and other basic information, the ticker also supports RSS feeds and services like IFTTT and SmartThings, making it a perfect accessory for anyone obsessed with the Internet of Things. 

For personal use, the ticker can display the time, weather, time till your next meeting, new emails and their subject, tasks and fitness goals, and even social network notifications. 

For businesses, LaMetric can display app store rankings, metrics and stats, Google Analytics metrics, real-time number of Facebook fans, brand mentions on Twitter, Paypal transactions and stock market prices. 

LaMetric is a perfect accessory for anyone who likes their gadgets (that's definitely me), but also has great potential for companies who want their employees to understand how the company is performing in real-time, while also keeping everyone on the same page. 

There are still open spaces for getting your hand on the device. Just head over to their Kickstarter.

Check out the video below to see how it works for yourself.