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This Zombie Game Is Like Flappy Bird On Crack

By Alex Morrison

Heard of Zombie Gunship? Of course you have. It's the game that let's players mow down hordes of zombies while sitting in a heavily-armed AC-130 aircraft. Well, we've got some bad news for you, zombies, because the designers behind the hit game, Limbic Software, are coming out with a 2D version on Thursday.

The game seems to have the same gameplay feature as Flappy Bird; tap the screen to make the object rise. It's kind of like a mixture between Flappy Bird and Jetpack Joyride, with bullets flying from the belly of the aircraft as you tap the screen. What's more, Limbic promises that gameplay will be challenging. How challenging? I'm hoping on par with Flappy Bird.

Side-scrollers seem to be making a comeback as of late. With Flappy Bird paving the way, and many other knockoffs climbing rank in the app store, Zombie Gunship Arcade is sure to do the same. 

We will be seeing what your high scores are next week! Get practicing!