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Will The iWatch Be The Future, Or Just A Fad?

Online mentions of the iWatch has only been increasing, and people are getting more and more excited as the suspected launch date nears. But so far, the only thing that people seem to be discussing is the design, the design, and more of the design. What about the practicality of it all?

As much as I want the iWatch to succeed, there's a difference between getting a techie to strap on a smartwatch and having mass adoption by the general public. Don't get me wrong, I will most definitely be splurging on an iWatch, but just like current smartwatches, I suspect that the iWatch will be a fad in the smartphone alternative space. Here's why:


1. Personal assistant technology is not advanced enough. It will likely be a few more years before Google's Google Now and Apple's Siri become smart enough to provide legitimate utility.

2. The form factor will be too big and bulky for women to find stylish. That's cutting the market in half.

3. They will not be fully waterproof. This makes exercising under harsh condition more difficult. It also creates the perception that they cannot be used for sports wear.

4. A lot of the younger generation do not wear watches and have no need for one.

5. For biometric measuring, there are many cheaper alternatives such as the Fitbit, UP and Fuelband.

6. The price will be too high to justify its usefulness. E.g. tablets can be used for a variety of purposes and is currently priced at what people expect the iWatch to be priced at.

7. Most likely people will need a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled phone. Much of the population does not have this.

8. There's a lack of buzz around smartwatches. Yes, tech sites will cover them, but there just doesn't seem to be interest from the general public.

9. Smartwatch sales (notably the Galaxy Gear) haven't done too well. Admittedly, Apple is capable of single-handedly changing this.

10. The screen will be too small. E.g. can't view email, can't watch videos, can't play games.

What do you think of the list? Let us know in the comments!