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15 Signs You Just Don't Get Tech

By Alex Morrison

You can upload to Instagram, post to Facebook, tweet on Twitter, hell, you might even be an online marketing guru. But just because work gave you a brand new iPhone 5, and not to mention the iPad (which you secretly just use for Netflix), it doesn't mean you're a techie: 


1. Search Google to Google something.

2. Don’t use command+tab to switch between open apps.

3. Don’t double-tap the home button to switch between apps on their iPhone.

4. Use the scroll bar instead of the trackpad.

5. Still use Safari.

6. Use Powerpoint instead of Keynote.

7. Claim that the Blackberry Playbook is a steal. There's a reason...

8. Keep the Messages app in the upper left corner of the screen on the iPhone.

9. Have a million apps running at the same time.

10. Don’t know what the Incognito Tab is or does.

11. Wonder how everyone catches all these great shows. It's called Netflix.

12. Have a regular phone and an iPod. 

13. Insist their old phone is still perfectly good. 

14. Don't know which tab the sound is coming from.

15. Don't turn off the iMessage read receipt.