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This Is How People 100 Hundred Years Ago Thought We Would Be Living Today

By Alex Morrison


We sometimes forget just how much technological advancement has occurred within the last century, give or take a few years. Besides automobiles, basically everything we know and use today was invented throughout the 1900s. From airplanes and mobile phones to computers and the internet, people 100 years ago could never have imagined the technology we now use. 

Take a look at these vintage postcards and see for yourself what people thought we would be using in the 21st Century. (Spoiler alert: you'll see a lot of flying cars). 


We would be flying around with motorized gliders. The market for bird catchers is apparently booming.

Here's the first of the flying cars. In this case it's a taxi. One thing, how would they land? 

And of course there would be the aviation police. 

We would be fed information through a machine that turns books into...information? I guess before computers this must've seemed like a feasible method.

But at least they were spot on with people owning personal gramophones...

...and that helicopters would be used for surveillance, security and military purposes.

But flying taxis picking us up after shopping? C'mon.


Yeah, they really didn't have a good understanding of aerodynamics.

Now we're getting somewhere. Video calls are a standard method of communication today. It's interesting to note a projector as opposed to a screen. They couldn't have imagined an image coming from within a device. 

This looks like some sort of magnetic railway. If so, they couldn't have been more correct. But who would want to take a train when you have personal flying cars?

It's not quite Tony Stark when he's putting on his Iron Man suit, but it's still a reasonable guess. At the time, everyone assumed robots would carry out chores for us. 

And people had these types of ideas long before The Jetsons came around...

...even motorized roller blades...

...and robotic orchestras!

This is pretty similar to how we breed chickens today. Just not quite that fast.

And finally, an automatic vacuum cleaner. Modern day Roombas look slightly different, thank God.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Look out for a part two later this week where I'll show how people 100 years from now will be living. 

And of course, let us know what you think of the postcards in the comments!