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Say Goodbye To Boring, Shaky Time-lapse Videos. Say Hello To Hyperlapse.

A new Microsoft Research project is going to revolutionize the way we capture and view long, moving time-lapse videos. It's called hyperlapse and it runs at 10x the speed of regular footage, except you won't be barfing up that tasty footlong from Subway you just stuffed down your gob. 

Developed by Johannes Kopf, Michael Cohen and Richard Szeliski, this new program uses algorithms to reconstruct a new camera path. By first mapping out the original movement of the camera, the software can then take a median of that initial path and give it a smoother course. 

Using input from multiple frames, the software then reconstructs parts of the scene from various viewpoints that differ slightly from the original camera perspective. This allows the camera to move seamlessly from one viewpoint to the other, although parts of the video will just suddenly appear, kind of similar to how old video games used to pop-up new scenery. Either way, it's a million times better than the current methods used to show moving time-lapses. 

Check out the video below to see hyperlapse in action.

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