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The dangers of online play

You may think that playing Grand Theft Auto 4 online is a good way of bonding with people; but think again, as this horrifying tale of humanity laid bare will change your outlook of online play forever. We explore the dangers of online play:


After a hard day of fighting with your co-workers, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea, a fish-finger sandwich and a rage reducing blast of Grand Theft Auto 4. Not that I go on there to kill pedestrians aimlessly, well……not every night. No, after a day of feeling isolated and alone, working against a horde of backstabbing, two faced co-workers, I like to play one of the online co-op missions GTA4 has to offer. Nothing makes you feel more loved and appreciated than working towards a common goal (usually involving mass killing) with a group of like minded people. Sharing the load, watching each others backs, helping out in times of need; this is what a co-op mission is all about, and why it’s the perfect antidote to a bad day.