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I was a victim of the Javelin glitch - a sufferer speaks

I'm not what you'd call hardcore... more obsessive-casual. I don't wake up and start gaming, with the possible exception of those Saturday mornings when I've got a reasonable window of at least an hour while the girlfriend sleeps off the tamazepam.

I also, I confess, don't follow the gaming news as much as I should. Blame global warming and illegal wars in the Middle East, if you like. It seems to me as though the world has quite enough news in it demanding my attention without having to care about whether there's yet another update to PSN firmware, this time offering me full Czech-language support.

What I'm trying to get to is that I knew nothing of the Javelin glitch until Sunday night, when I experienced it first-hand. And just in case you didn't either, here's the rub. If you've unlocked the Javelin missile in Modern Warfare 2, and you're killed while carrying it, you explode. Spectacularly. Effectively, this encourages you to take something of a suicide bomber approach to the game: you can score far more points by running into a crowd of enemies and taking them all with you than any reasonably skilled person could by, y'know, trying to play the game.

Feel the burn!

Tell you what, though... it wasn't half confusing. And strangel

Very rewarding.