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Dead Space 2: Keep it Schtum

Is giving the previously silent hero of Dead Space a voice a necessary addition, or a pointless extra?

One problem with being a games reviewer is that you rarely get to spend enough time with the games you like. Before you’ve had chance to really dig into a game and get to know and love it (not on a critical level, but more on a personal level), another one is thrown under your nose- begging for attention. Also, as the big titles of the month are shared around, with reviewers getting their names down early for the biggest and best titles, a lot of the time you miss out on a game, as you’re reviewing another at the time. Yep, it’s a tough life being a games reviewer!

But luckily at this time of year - as the new games stop coming and the publishers take a breath as they prepare to dive into 2010- I get time to go through the games from the previous year (and further) and give them a jolly good play. One of these games that I missed first time around was Dead Space, the deep, dark and gritty space-based horror.