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Pre-Natal Nerves

CES brings the announcement that the most ambitious project in video gaming history will be released in November 2010

If you don't know about project Natal yet, you should probably crawl out from

under your rock. It's colossal. It's absolutely massive. This is being heralded as a new era in video game entertainment. It's motion controlled gaming with sophistication; think of it as the love-child of Nintendo Wii and Stephen Fry.

The 30fps motion detectors allows tracking of the full body (actually, four full bodies- iOrgy anyone?), including visually obscured areas, to the 360's beastly processor; conveying 30 real time posture changes to be realistically tracked to the screen every second. Hopefully this will result in slightly more active gaming than the wrist-strengthening Wii solution to motion control.

This potentially awesome system has very little information available to consumers at the moment, we expect the payload to land at E3. Hopefully there will be several fantastic developers on board, although we'd be silly to think that Microsoft's very capable production studio won't be heavily involved.

CES's announcement is one that will whet the appetite of gamers and open-minded entertainment enthusiasts everywhere. Let's pray that it lives up to the hype. It's only a few weeks since Christmas, but I'm already looking forward to Xmas 2010.