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Tablet computing could bring major changes in gaming

With Microsoft announcing the Slate tablet PC at CES and Apple’s long-rumoured tablet Mac expected this Spring, 2010 could be the year that tablet computing really takes off. Both Microsoft and Apple are promising to pack the power of a laptop into the much smaller chassis of a tablet computer. While there is some reason to be sceptical about either company being able to successfully combine power and good battery life, if they do live up to their promises, the devices could be interesting new gaming platforms.

Before last year, it was hard to imagine an Apple launch being interesting for gamers at all but the iPod Touch has changed all that. Apple is now pushing the device as a handheld platform and suddenly the idea of playing games on an Apple product doesn’t seem so weird. Since tablet computers will rely on similar touch screen technology to the Touch and there is the possibility of an Apple tablet using the app store, there is already a strong stable of developers who would no doubt delight at adapting their games, and developing new ones, for a more powerful computer with a much bigger screen.