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Supreme Commander 2 – robot madness, seriously

When you’re given a robot that shoots tanks out of its cannon you know you’re in for a hell of a ride.

In 2007, THQ released the spiritual sequel to Total Annihilation in the form of a suped-up resource-eating strategic robofest in the form of Supreme Commander. Based around the maxim that “mass scale is our strategy” Supreme Commander had features such as the huge zoom out/in that allowed you to either examine the nuts and bolts of your mechanical army or play make-pretend and act like a 4 Star General commanding vast legions of little signs and squiggles on the screen.

Multiplayer was a blast if your computer could handle it (and very few could) and watching your little Mech Marines running full tilt into a wall of solid metal can be outrageously fun to mess about with.

However, the single player was lacking somewhat, and the lack of a coherent storyline was telling.