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Oi, shouldn’t you be dead?

Why is a perfectly aimed headshot not always followed by death?

Here's a little question to get your brain a' grinding. What happens when you get shot in the head? The long answer is that there's a bloody fireworks display that coats the room in claret and traumatizes nearby children. The basic and far shorter answer, is that you die. In real life this is not only a rule, but an unavoidable law of the universe that we are all bound by. But in the land of video games, the laws are not so strict, and the repercussions even less so.

The other day I was playing the joyous Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (yes I know I'm late to the party, but I brought wine). It’s a cracking adventure that thrills and excites in boundless ways, but there is one little problem that bugs the hell out of me. When baddies take a well aimed bullet to the head, they often survive. Even on the easy setting (I said I brought wine, what's the problem?) the bullet-begging bad guys can often take a shot to the face, and then seconds later start firing again. It maybe just me, but this drives me mental.

You’ve just fired a piece of metal the size of a baby carrot, at nearly the speed of sound, into a human’s (not an alien, mutant or Terminator’s) face, but they haven’t died, and you’re left screaming “You cannot be serious, the bullet was on the spine, blood flew up!”

There are numerous other games when this crime against gaming humanity happens. Rogue Warrior (terrible game anyway), Just Cause, Gears of War (those Locust were tough though), Fallout 3 (again, those Super Mutants were tough), Far Cry, Kane and Lynch, even the exceptional Half-Life 2 has this problem.