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Phones to Watch at the Mobile World Congress

Barcelona's Mobile World Congress is the Mecca of mobile phone enthusiasts everywhere. Yes it does sound a lot like a boring political meet and greet but trust us, there's nothing Gordon Brown about this congress. Once a year all eyes turn to Spain's sexiest city to whet our appetites for the newest and greatest mobile phones in store for the year ahead. With one particular superpower of mobile never making an appearance with their newest phone, MWC might be missing the fervour of an Apple release but it will certainly have more than a few head turners. Here's our roundup of what to expect and who to look out for in Barcelona.

Android big boss (too much MGS) HTC is likely to show a few of it's future smartphone of the year contenders. The two main suspects are the Bravo and the Supersonic- the Bravo will surely be an all round powerhouse with a name like that- and the rumoured Sense UI sprucing up the look of the standard Android interface together with an optical trackball is a very exciting prospect indeed. I'll be willing to bet that the Supersonic will be a speed demon- with that name sounding very similar to the brand positioning of the nippy Samsung Jet.

Acer are boasting the E110, but we can forgive the retro name if it runs anything near as good as it looks. It's a very pretty phone and one which won't be overlooked as the most stylish entry of the Acer mobile catalogue and probably the first real reason to get your hands on one.

There's also the lovely looking Samsung Wave, the thematically contiguous host of the new Bada platform (with Bada meaning ocean in Korean). Many a journalist will be busting a gut to get to grips with this new OS; it'll be very exciting to find out if this new entry onto the smartphone OS market can boast any features which make it a real contender among the dons- iPhone 3.0, Android 2.1 and WebOS. With a blistering 1GHz processor on board the Wave will be quick but lets hope they put all that power to good use. We'll find out soon.

We'll be updating the blog with all the big MWC news so keep an eye out for new blog action.